DEPOSIT / Partial Payment RB26 Stage 2 Shortblock

DEPOSIT / Partial Payment RB26 Stage 2 Shortblock

  • $3,250.00

Boost Factory Inc.  has built many RB engines over the years.  They can be found in cars all across North America.  Each engine is built to suit the customer's intended use and purpose - whether it be drifting, drag racing, street, or road racing.  Most of these engines live near the limiter and are making 500+ WHP

All engines are built in-house according to our specification to offer the highest level of reliability as well as power and cost.  It is important to be realistic when speccing your engine, as the tolerances for assembly vary greatly depending on your intended use.  For example; a street engine will be assembled with tighter tolerances than a drift engine.

Every engine is built with the same level of quality, and goes through the same steps.  Your engine will arrive looking new, painted, and properly packaged.

Each engine also includes a document package, including proper care and start-up instructions, engine build technical information, specifications, as well as after-sales support with your tuner / installation facility as needed.

-Hot tanked, cleaned, and crack checked

-Factory stroke OEM Crankshaft

-Cylinder bores torque plate honed to finished size

-Resurfaced to a proper roughness average for metal head gasket (RA)

-Custom spec bearing oil clearance, piston to wall clearance, and piston ring end gap

-All fasteners torqued with digital torque/angle tools (1% error)

-CP Pistons

-OEM Water pump included

-New OEM gaskets

-New coolant fittings at thermostat housing & rear coolant feed to heater core

-All frost plugs replaced

-New rear main seal & plate

-Manley Turbo-Tuff Connecting rods

-ARP Main studs

-Rotating assembly balanced

-Main bearing tunnel honed

-KING or ACL Race bearings


-WARRANTY on workmanship


Spool Spline Drive

N1 Oil Pump


No core supplied


Deposit only $3350

Total cost $6693.03 USD + Shipping to be quoted






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