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  • RB25DET Greddy / Freddy Intake Manifold Bolt Kit (Stainless socket head) - Boost Factory

    RB25DET Greddy / Freddy Intake Manifold Bolt Kit (Stainless socket head)

    • $54.99

    You're probably here because you purchased a used RB25 Greddy/Freddy Intake manifold, and it didn't come with the hardware! 

    This kit contains 13 correctly sized bolts, as well as stainless steel washers.

    Please note that these bolt lengths were measured off of the bolts supplied in a new Genuine Greddy manifold kit. We have installed many Greddy and Freddy manifolds using this kit.  Due to significant casting variances in the fake manifolds it may be required to add additional washers if some bolts are slightly too long for your specific fake manifold. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Roger Aba
    Great kit

    I've ordered a couple things from Boost Factory and have enjoyed the quality and service they give.

    If you are piecing together an engine like I am and you want new hardware, at times, it can be difficult to find or get.

    I had an authentic Greddy intake manifold, but didn't have the support hardware and I was glad that Boost Factory had these available.

    Jeff Anderson
    Greddy manifold bolts

    hard to find item no problem for the Boost Factory. Top seller...AA++