RB26 Cylinder Head - STAGE 2 (500 - 750 HP) - Boost Factory

RB26 Cylinder Head - STAGE 2 (500 - 750 HP)

  • $5,516.57

**Complete cylinder head, assembled and ready to bolt to a short block**

All cylinder head cores are stripped down to the bare bones, then jet washed, hot tanked in an aluminium safe chemically agitated/heated cleaning solution.  This process cleans all of the oil and coolant galleries of any residual material.  They are then machined and jet washed then rinsed again to ensure any and all metal removed during the machining process is removed.

In a STAGE 2 cylinder head, we do everything we do with the stage 1 head and more.  We install stiffer valve springs and retainers to keep up with the additional back pressure created during high boost.  Neglecting to do this often results in dropped valves, lifter shims popping out, valve float, and other serious concerns.  If any of the aforementioned condiitons occurs, your best scenario is low power.  The most likely result is going to be the catastrophic failure of the engine when it's at 8500RPM and making 600whp - As you would imagine, that could be incredibly destructive.

Therefor, the upgrades in this package are not strictly to make more power, but also to make reliable power.  Do it once, do it right definitely applies to engines.  The liability of a part failure is enormous, and based on our solid experience building these platforms we don't want anyone taking the risk.


List of BASIC work performed;

-Cleaned, hot tanked


-Crack check

-Spring tension test

-Clean and polish combustion chambers

-Chamfered quench pads

-Valve Seat Machining (3 angle)

-Supertech Valve Guide installation & Diamond hone to size

-Supertech valve stem seal replacement

-Valve lash adjusted with shims available (may require additional shims)

-Complete aqua blasting, this process renders the head in better-than-new finish. 



-Supertech dual spring valvetrain (springs, retainers)

-Supertech intake and exhaust valves

-272 degree / moderate high lift cams (street/track use - CHOOSE OPTION)

-Optional port match to manifolds

-Supertech bronze valve guide installation

-3 angle valve job


Select a set of Kelford or Tomei mild street / race cams from the drop down menu.


The Stage 1 cylinder head is ideal for customers looking to rebuild their engine and have a completely refinished cylinder head with some basic upgrades.  All machining is performed by an extremely skilled RB26 engine machining specialist.  The assembly is completed by our full time Engine Builder who has completed hundreds of engine builds.