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  • Genuine Nissan RB26DETT R34 GTR Gasket Kit

    Genuine Nissan RB26DETT R34 GTR Gasket Kit

    • $325.99

    New Genuine Nissan RB26DETT Gasket Kit

    This is the R34 GTR Version. There are some minor differences between the 32/33 kit. 


    - Does not include oil cap O ring

    - Metal gasket for oil pick up tube vs the earlier O ring design

    - Does not include bypass valve gaskets

    - Comes with compressor discharge gaskets (3) but not compressor inlet gaskets




    Cylinder Head Gasket

    Valve Seals

    Oil Pump Gasket

    ITB Gaskets

    Valve Cover Gaskets

    Oil Filter Housing to Block Gasket

    Intake Gasket

    Exhaust Gaskets

    Front Main Seal

    Rear Main Seal

    Front Cam Seals 

    IACV Gasket

    Oil Pick up Tube gasket

    Silicone Sealant

    Turbocharger crush washers

    Turbine Inlet Gaskets

    Turbine Outlet Gaskets

    Compressor Outlet Gaskets

    Brake booster / clutch booster hardline gasket

    Turbocharger oil drain gaskets

    Rear turbo drain to block gasket

    Upper Vac rail O rings


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