Genuine Nissan RB25DET Gasket Kit 10101-17U29

  • $239.99

New OEM Nissan RB25 Gasket Kit 

Includes the following gaskets

-Silicone Nissan Gasket Maker

-Carbon Paper Head gasket

- Rear Main Seal

- Front Cam seals x2

- Valve seal set

- Intake and Exhaust Valve cover gaskets

- Front Main Oil Seal

- Intake collector gasket

- Intake to cylinder head gasket

- Exhaust Manifold Gasket

- Oil Pick up tube O ring

- Oil Drain plug washer

- Oil Pump gasket

- Throttle body gasket

- AAC Valve Gasket

- Turbo feed and drain line O rings

- Oil Cap O Ring

- Turbine Housing Gaskets (inlet and outlet)

- Compressor Outlet Gasket

- Recirc Valve Gasket

- Oil filter housing to block gasket

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Kelly
Quick and easy way to get my oem gaskets

Got my full oem gasket kit very quickly and was even quicker and cheaper then sourcing from the dealer. Will be purchasing from them again