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    R32 GTR GTS4 GTST R33 GTST R34 GTT Front brake pads (HITACHI)

    • $113.99

    Hitachi OE Formulated Brake Pads

    Hitachi Chemical's disc brake pads have been proved to be highly reliable under a variety of conditions. They are used in automobiles in Japan and around the world, and have established a strong reputation in the markets.

    Hitachi has a reputation for manufacturing high quality pads for the OE and aftermarket using only the best products and materials. Each pad has specific features such as high braking function, noise resistance performance, and wear resistance performance contributes to the improvement of brake performance, reduction of the stopping distance, and extension of the service life.

    Features and Benefits:

    • OE-Equivalent and Direct Fit application.
    • Low noise and reduced vibrations.
    • Formulated to OE Specifications.
    • Superior friction qualities.
    • Organic blended compound.