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    Genuine Nissan RB20/25/26 OEM Water Pump

    • $159.99

    Genuine Nissan RB Water Pump

    Replace your water pump when doing your timing belt.  It sits behind all of the timing components, and they all need to come off to access it.  The water pump is fairly cheap in cost.  It would be a shame to finish up the timing belt job, only to find the water pump leaking shortly after - and to have to remove all of the same parts once again to replace it.

    Comes with 4 new water pump pulley studs.

    We normally use the R32 GTR specific pump for R32 RB20 and RB26 Drop Down Option 1

    We normally use the R33/34 GTR specific pump for 33/34 GTR and GTST / GTT Drop Down Option 2 ** Please note that due to supply and price issues with this variant some pumps may be shipped in boxes from the original manufacturer which is Aisin. Rest assured you will receive the same high quality pump either way. **

    We now carry the specific pump for the non turbo RB20 and RB25 NEO engines. These have a slightly smaller bade diameter than the turbo water pump.  Drop Down Option 3


    The difference between the R32 and R33/R34 pump is the location of the single 6mm (10mm head) bolt.  The R33/34 pump will not easily seal to a R32 block. 

    for all this info and more! check out the video below!

    Customer Reviews

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    Nguyen Levis

    Genuine Nissan RB20/25/26 OEM Water Pump

    Jake Tam
    Works great

    Boost factory is awesome. Read the post about the slotted N1 waterpump and how it might not fit the r32 rb26. Anyways mine leaked. Message boost factory for recommendations and they responded back right away. Quick shipping and got my car running within a week. Now I have a barely used N1 waterpump for sale lol.

    Ryan Weisgerber
    RB26 waterpump

    Parts where shipped in good condition and promptly and for a good price.

    will use boost factory again in the future.